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Classes and Workshops

We offer a growing selection of yoga, movement, and fitness classes to help you achieve your goals.  Check back for updated class listings, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest info!

Gentle Yoga
Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm
Saturdays 9-10am

Join Yoga with Linda Churchill for one hour gentle yoga practice. Classes focus on breath, postures for flexibility, balance and relaxation for the body mind and emotions. Attention to wellness in aging and living, with modifications to accommodate all levels. 

$15 per class / 5 classes for $60

Introduction to Contact Improvisation
Saturday, June 15,

CI is practiced all over the world, like a form of folk dance. No prior experience needed.

Contact Improvisation (CI) is an improvisational dance form open to all.

In this Introductory workshop, we will explore the physics of movement and the forces of gravity. We will practice the mechanics of weight sharing and tune our senses to the playfulness of improvisation. Often a duet form, we will work in partners, as well as solo, and in groups, practicing the give and take of weight, learning to notice rather than judge, allowing the body to respond in the moment as the roles of leader and follower are shared, exchanged, and often dissolve.

Leah Stein is a seasoned movement artist, choreographer and improvisor. She has been making dances, teaching Movement Improvisation and Contact Improvisation for over 25 years. Based in Philadelphia, she has been living in Windsor since 2020 and is enjoying getting to know the creatives and dance communities in the Upper Valley.

Email to register. 

Somatics and Movement Improvisation 
Mondays 5-6pm 
A thoughtful, accessible ‘dance is exercise’ class for people who want to move!

We'll begin each class with movement exercises that prepare us for dancing and tap into our own body's intelligence so we can make deeper connections to what we're doing in the moment. It's preparing the ground for each to experience fuller, freer movement in the second half of class where we'll explore some of the basic principles of movement improvisation and engage in spontaneous dance making. 

Open to all levels.

$15 / $50 for 4-classes -cash or Venmo at the door

$10 reduced rate

For more information on Rachel, visit

Fitness Fusion
5-5:45pm Tuesdays

Strength training, agility, and cardio exercises for a total body workout.

Each class is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, sweat flowing, and challenge you muscles all while having FUN! You will learn a variety of different exercises, perfect your form, build muscle, and become confident in working out. A variety of levels will be taught for each exercises allowing this class to be designed for every fitness level.
$15 per class / 10 classes for $120

This 60 minutes class will be have a focus on building muscle. Each class will be structured with a warm up, followed by a structured strength training circuit using bodyweight and dumbbells, and will finish with core and corrective exercise movements. This class would be great for anybody who is looking to get into weight lifting but will be designed for all fitness levels. Modification will be provided for each exercise movement.
$15 per class / 10 classes for $120

Fitness 101
10:30am, May 4th

In this class we’ll discuss the science behind failed attempts at weight loss, and offer strategies to achieve safe and sustainable fitness.  Topics include: cardio vs resistance training, calorie deficits and surpluses, the role of macro-nutrients, and the relation of muscle tissue to fat loss and overall health.

Instructor: Mark Mamuszka has over 20 years experience in Eastern medicine, massage, and personal training. 

Nutrition 101
10:30am, May 11th

In this class we’ll dissect the eating strategies that have come to dominate pop culture.  We’ll discuss the pros and cons and examine the scientific support (or lack thereof)  for the various claims that are being made on the news and social media.  Topics include:  intermittent fasting, keto, calorie-counting, and nutritional supplements.

Instructor: Mark Mamuszka has over 20 years experience in Eastern medicine, massage, and personal training. 

Resistance 101
10:30am, May 18th

In this class we’ll examine the role of resistance training in weight-loss and in overall fitness.  We’ll discuss the basic principles of constructing a resistance training regimen, and cover important safety considerations.  Topics include: exercise selection, training frequency, free-weights vs machines, and proper lifting technique.

Instructor: Mark Mamuszka has over 20 years experience in Eastern medicine, massage, and personal training. 

Alexander Technique
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