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Classes and Workshops

We offer a small selection of classes curated to meet your goals while engaging you at your current fitness level.  Feel free to contact the instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

Movement for Every Body

A thoughtful, accessible ‘dance is exercise’ class for people who want to move!

Each class will begin with warming up, moving through different ranges of motion and strengthening exercises to prepare the mind, joints, and muscles. Then, we’ll dance!, exploring different movement sequences from a mash-up of dance styles that are easy and fun. The last part of class will be stretchy and slower, using yoga based postures and gentle movements to release and quiet. 

Please bring clean gym sneakers and a yoga mat if you have one, for the last part of class. 

$15 per class

55 minutes

5pm Mondays, starting February 5th

Space is limited, email instructor Rachel Bernsen at to reserve your spot.
To learn more about Rachel, visit

*Folks unaccustomed to exercise, may find this class overly challenging.  Please contact Rachel for more info.

Fitness Fusion

Strength training, agility, and cardio exercises for a total body workout.

Each class is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, sweat flowing, and challenge you muscles all while having FUN! You will learn a variety of different exercises, perfect your form, build muscle, and become confident in working out. A variety of levels will be taught for each exercises allowing this class to be designed for every fitness level.
$15 per class / 10 classes for $120

Tuesdays: 5-5:45pm

Starting February 6th

Email Blake Wardwell at for more information or to reserve a space.

This 60 minutes class will be have a focus on building muscle. Each class will be structured with a warm up, followed by a structured strength training circuit using bodyweight and dumbbells, and will finish with core and corrective exercise movements. This class would be great for anybody who is looking to get into weight lifting but will be designed for all fitness levels. Modification will be provided for each exercise movement.
$15 per class / 10 classes for $120

Thursdays 5-6pm

Starting February 8th

Email Blake Wardwell at for more information or to reserve a space.

Alexander Technique
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